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Monday it was snowing.

Yesterday I turned on the AC because it was 80 in the house.
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It is. Oh indeed it is. SUCH a Monday.

Everything I have been working on has been confusing to me and I began to think I had a stroke last night and forgot how to do my job. I'm for serious.

Luckily, I reached out and people have been letting me know that is not the case but that I've been getting bad information.

'The hell, man?

A pox on you for making me question my brain!
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I like new friends so if you meet any, send them my way.
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Happy New Year!

We have a lovely solid rain outside with lovely thunder and I'm enjoying listening to it all.

PSA for the start of the new year: Never underestimate the power of a good bra to make a woman look younger and thinner.
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I, too, am going over to Dreamwidth. Same username.

Not that I post often anyway but that is where I will be if you're looking for me. If I can cross post to here, I will.

It's sad. I am sure I'm safe from being compromised. Who'd want to anyway? But, I just, I don't know. I'm not informed enough to speak on it, really, I just don't want to be a part of it if people are arrested in Russia because the government there hacks journal entries. And what not.

So yeah.
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I miss my mom.

Real eyes

Dec. 19th, 2016 05:02 pm
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I recently realized that I don't fear death. I'm okay with it. I just don't want to miss out on all the cool stuff that happens every day. The next Atlanta, Goliath or Newsroom (FAVORITE TV SHOW EVAR bc of the dialog alone), etc. I don't want to miss the next Marvel, Star Wars, or Benedict Cumberbatch movie. I don't want to miss out on the next song that makes my heart burst. I don't want to miss out on the next book that blows my mind (though I can't remember the last time one did). I don't want to miss a single beautiful sight or funny animal antic. The next gigantic innovation. I certainly don't want to leave my furbabies without a home or my husband and friends devestated in the way some of the losses in my life have left me. But I will be gone so I guess I won't know what I'm missing. I just realized there is a silver lining. *shrug*

I realized I don't really have FOMO. I like seeing pictures of my friends having fun together and I'm not upset I'm missing out. Usually. The one place I DO have FOMO is on the radio. I am always scanning through my presets looking for that perfect song and even when I find one I like, I'm afraid I'm missing a better one! And oh...the disappointment when I do. I have to clutch my apron and twist my hands. OH THE HUMANITY. It's silly. I know. But I'm nothing if not silly.

Hearing all the negativity surrounding them, I realized I really like selfies. A lot. I love to see people's beautiful faces. Keep 'em coming I say! Just without the duck lips and chicken wangs. Though it's hard to get chicken wangs in selfies. That's a non-selfie pose that makes me stabbity. What?

I realize I'm procrastinating. Been doing that a lot lately. You know, when I get around to it.
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We were watching this YouTube video exploring why more Americans had not embraced the concept of the bidet. Personally I just thought they were expensive and for high-fallutin' people - extra luxury for the undercarriage. But now I see you can find them on the less expensive in the form of terlet seats.

They had a great point that in all my 48 years of life I had not considered:

If you got poo anywhere else on your body, you would not be satisfied wiping it off with a bit of tissue and going on with your day.

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I'm just getting over being sick and sickened.

Dear god I hope I'm proven wrong.

Anyway. Hi. Love y'all.
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Read like Towelie.

I have had my head in my pillow and in my work so I don't even know what is going on in the world. What is going on in your world?

Have y'all seen this Mandela Effect business? I mean. I'm cool with people being taken aback because they remember something different, but this whole "my timeline", "my reality" thing... Some of these I also remember differently but I leave LOTS of room for my well known case of C.R.S., and things changing over time, and something becoming the "norm" or acceptable even if it is incorrect (i.e. "irregardless"). But hey, if you enjoy thinking your space/time continuum has changed, more power to you. I'll just sit over here, shake my head in judgement, then remind myself I COULD be the wrong one because anything is possible, I reckon.

So, I'm a contract interior designer, more like a CAD monkey. I am thinking I will get a business liscense so I can take advantage of designer discounts if they ever occur. What should I name my business? Any ideas, oh bank of creative friends?
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Well, I don't know that I have any stories. I was thinking of one last night as I feel asleep and I've forgotten it. Dang ol'.

For all my socializing I came away with a cold. MMmph. Not a bad one so far, knock on wood, and I took a Zicam right away. I really think that helps!

I will say that being the sober one sucks. People are obnoxious! Or maybe I have become a crotchety old grumpsicle. For sure the latter. You kids get off my lawn! I was feeling stabbity at a party Saturday night. I ended up spending a good amount of time with the cat in the bedroom then making my Irish exist as soon as I could. That's not a derogatory term is it?

The Birmingham Metro area is now in a state of emergency because of a gas pipeline explosion. This after one a month ago for a leak. And we wonder why the Standing Rock Sioux don't want one through their land??? Honestly. The stupid. It BURNS.

How was your weekend?
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This week has me getting out and being social more than I have in the past year, I think. I've always been a bit of a homebody but I've gone all Hemingway in the past years. Without the absinthe. I still want a polydactyl cat, though.

One more party tonight and I'm done for a bit. I hope it is as much fun as last night's dinner with friends from high school. It's nice I can actually enjoy time with people from 30 years ago, who actually seem to think a lot like me in spite of us all growing up in this decidedly red state. Topics weren't necessarily political, but the humor matched, the compassion, the tolerance... just wonderful.

The people at tonight's party will be the same, it just won't be as intimate and I'm not so great in big crowds. I'll be in the closet with the cat.


Oct. 27th, 2016 03:23 pm
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I have noticed an increase in gore porn, have you? Maybe it's the shows I watch (TWD, American Horror Story, The Exorcist - ya think???) but dang if they aren't going overboard with it. Have to even it out with some Little House on the Prarie and The Waltons. MMMmmm. No. Die Antwoord is kind of gory in their videos, but tame compared to those tv shows.

I want to get a quarter sleeve. I want nice saturated COLO(U)*R but I also want a crow. And then what? I want a dragonfly someday. I'm still crazy about Japanese style. I want Ganesh, Kwan Yin, dragon, phoenix that sort of thing but I don't want to be trite. I tell my artist to figure it out and he won't. Dangit. I mean, I get it. I'm all over the place. But reel me in mang! I want it to be something he'd be proud of and enjoy doing. GAH.

Man, I can't write anymore. I'm too distracted. Do I need Adderall?

*For my non United Statesian friends.
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I SO need to work and I SO don't want to. So far I've slept in, watched an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, did a little work, played some Tsum Tsum, did a little work, worked on a crossword puzzle, did a little work, and now I'm here. It's good to work for yourself so you can do this sometimes. I will pay for it, though, by having to work into the late evening.

So much around here has changed and so much is still the same.

I probably should get back to work. I'm trying to post for 21 days to get back into the habit. Hopefully they will be a little more interesting in the near future. This weekend will be for socializing so maybe I will have stories. Fingers crossed!

Hi kids

Oct. 25th, 2016 06:30 pm
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It's been, what, 3 years since my last confession? Something like that. Just like I say every time I come back here and post, I really miss it. I miss the friends I made here. I miss the interactions. I DON'T miss the drama but I will take it to have some of that fun back. I miss being young! Haha!

October used to be my favorite month. It has now become The Suck- too many deaths in and around October. But the weather is outstanding and life is otherwise really great. I don't do much. Just work and hang out with B and the furkids. Though this Thursday we are going to see Die Antwoord perform. I'm really looking forward to that. I saw them last time they were here and it was a great show. High energy.

Do you know of/like Die Antwoord? I started out shaking my head at them, then saw the video for Fatty Boom Boom and, minus the prawn/Gaga part, fell in love with the visuals, the beats, the creativity, etc. It took a couple of time of me showing others how absurd they are and without warning I was reeled in. HA! That's what I get for being judgemental. Zef!

Who all is even still around here anymore?

I hope I will keep up with writing here. My memory is mostly shot to hell so it would be nice to have a place to come back and read what I've been doing. If only I had been better about it before. Ah well, no time like the present they say.

Hi kids. I've missed you.

I've just looked through my icons and there is one of Lisa and me. Apparently we are no longer friends - not talking about on here, in general. IRL. Weird. Who knew. Mostly I'm fine with it. Mostly.
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And I ain't got no body. Ok, not true. Got plenty of body. Body filled with snot. Yay.

Brad is playing Saints Row IV and it cracks me up. His character is a woman (with humongous boobs, go figure) and at first I had him use the southern accent. It was pretty cute. Found it hilarious when she would just yell "Roll Tide" as a sort of "in your face" kind of thing. I guess that ESPN commercial seeped into SR consciousness. She also mentioned Talladega. Amusing. I just like picking out her clothes and hairstyles.

In other news, have you ever watched Krissychula on YouTube? She is great. Check out "It's Hot As Hell".


I want to hang out with her.


Aug. 20th, 2013 06:08 pm
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So if I hover over my icon up there it says, "This is you."

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So the beach was fantastic. I started my period, got sunburned the first day, rained half the second day, but it was freaking fantastic. 20 years is far too long. I love that place so much.

I don't know if I was just clueless or if they weren't around but I don't remember ever seeing dolphin before and I saw a bunch! I was about 40 feet away from some. I tried to get to them but they are a little faster at the swimming thing, suprisingly. It's like they practice daily. I also don't remember seeing so many pelicans or osprey. Those are some kickass boids.

But I'm happy to be home to my furbabies and my bed and my shower and my sofa.

Someday I hope my stupid journal is entertaining again.
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Thanks to an LJ reunion sort of thing on Facebook, I am determined to start writing here again. Facebook is okay, but I miss the interaction, the information, the friends I have here. Yes, they mostly don't post anymore, just like I haven't much, but if everyone started posting again...

I know we won't ever get back the LJ of its heyday and I'm cool with that. I just don't want to give up on here. It meant a lot to me over the years.

Maybe the more I post, the more I will have to say. We'll see. I certainly like that I can be myself here and say FUCKFUCKFUCKITTYFUCK! if I want to without worrying about my in-laws seeing it. :)

I'm back in Birmingham after a 2-year stint in Phoenix. I loved Phoenix. I love Birmingham if only for the familiarity, the thunderstorms, and of course, the friends and family. So now I get to see abundant trees and grass, along with enjoy the allergy benefits. I get to glory in the 90% humidity and miss the desert breezes which felt like standing in front of a HUGE hair dryer. I no longer have my earrings slightly burn my neck within moments of walking outside (THAT was wierd). I get to witness the indeginous tumbleweave instead of tumbleweed. :)

I love both places. I'm glad I got to live in Phoenix and I'm glad to be home.

So there is a start to what I've been up to. I hope you all are doing really well. <3

Hi loves

Nov. 22nd, 2012 01:58 pm
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As usual I'm thinking about you, reading, and that's about it. Unfortunately I'm here today to relay some very sad news. Our very own [livejournal.com profile] designdiva passed away a couple of days ago. I spoke with her husband, Joe, and he OK'd me sharing the news with you.

From Joe:

It all happened so fast. She was having headaches and we went to the emergency room and doctors discovered a grade 4 astrocytoma (very large brain tumor). It was only a matter of days and she underwent surgery to attempt to remove it, but there was nothing they could do. That's probably better than how it might have otherwise unfolded, because at least she did not suffer for long.

Her obituary, which couldn't be any more perfect for her, is here:


I'm in shock, I just can't believe it. It's heartbreaking. But on this Thanksgiving day I'm even more thankful I had the opportunity to know and love such a sweet soul in Angie, for LJ and for all the friends I made here. I am thankful for you.
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